Advantages and disadvantages of vertical pipeline centrifugal pump

Advantages: 1, small size, less floor space. 2. Simple structure, few parts and easy maintenance. 3. The flow and pressure are stable, and when the pump is running normally, the vibration is small. Disadvantages: 1. When operating at a small flow rate below the rated flow rate, the efficiency of the pump is low. 2. It is suitable for conveying various liquids with low viscosity, and the viscosity of the liquid has a great influence on the performance of the pump. 3, poor self-priming ability, easy to take time. If the pumping liquid dynamic level is below the center line of the pump, it must be filled or evacuated before starting the pump, otherwise the centrifugal pump will not work normally. Although the vertical pipeline centrifugal pump can meet the basic use requirements now, we should also see its shortcomings, and we need to strengthen research and development to ensure that the transportation process can be more efficient, safe and fast.
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