Shanghai people Pump Factory Co.,Ltd.intorduced world's most advanced high-end technology,and Committed with the develop of pump industry,is a modern pump industry enterprise engaged in professional manufacture,scientific research,development,selling and service.
Main products:Full-automaticc Pressure and frequency conversion speed regulation water-supply fire equipment,No negative-pressure and frequency conversion speed regulation water-supply equipment(pipe network conditioning Pressurized equipment),IRG,ISG,ISW,IHG,YG,PBG series of in line pumps,GDL,DL,LG series of vertical multistage pumps,WQ,WQD,QW,QY,QDX,QJ,QS,YW series of submersible pumps,QZ,QH serier and axial flow pumps and inter flow pumps,ZW,YW,KCB series of industrial pumps,These pumps are widely used in sewage treatment,water supply for high buildings,heasting and ventilating,fire control,electric puwer,environment protection,oil and chemical industry and so on.

Progressive assembly is adopted line for the general assembly of the products,and a multi-functional electric pump test laboratory was built to provide good processing.Conditions and reliable test means for various electric pumps,For the company's engineering technical personnel's excelsior working style and salesmen's consistent,friendly and passionate service attitude,our products have won unanimous favorable comments from the market.

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