Talking about Correctly Repairing the Pressure Control Switch of Multi-stage Pump

The pressure control switch or turn on the water directly on the water pump, this switch can operate a body (usually wall-mounted) alone to increase the weight of the shift pump relay pump itself.
     If the water supply tends to be high-sand sediments, the pressure sensor will block the pressure at the bottom. We tried to clean up this mouth, but it never proved to be a lasting repair. If your multi-stage pump pressure switch stops responding to changes, the water pressure may need to be replaced.
     If we trace back to the multi-stage pump control problem of the water tank, the water pump pressure switch and some certainty itself, we tend to just replace the switch. But please note that replacing the pump control switch we used to be a problem when it was caused by clogging the filter and shutting off abnormally the circulating pump.
     How to diagnose a multi-stage pump control switch failure
     Safety Warning-Shock Hazard: To remove a multi-stage pump control/pressure switch, remember to turn off the power, and use a neon light test or an abscess to check carefully to ensure that the electrical power is turned off, and record such a turn on and cause you to get shocked. Working around electricity and pipelines, especially, touching the wires on site increases the risk of touching grounded water pipes and pipes.
     How to check the normal operation of a well pump pressure control switch
     The design and adjustment of the magnetic pump or water tank pressure control switch to switch to the "pressure" shear, usually 20 or 30 psi psi, and put the water pump at the "cut" pressure, usually 40 psi Well off or 50 psi. When you buy this is usually the appropriate cut and cut a set of pressure controls-check this box.
     When the pressure is lower than the multi-stage pump control cutting pressure:
     In the photo of our water pressure gauge on the left we show the pressure 17. Since this is a little more than our water cutting pump at the pressure setting of 20 psi, the pump should be cut.
     If the water tank pressure gauge reads a small number of people, for example lower than the cutting pressure of the pump, try to tap the gauge lightly and see if the indicator needle moves.
     Check the plugging pump pressure control switch:
     If your well water is high in iron deposits, or minerals, we have found that sometimes water loading lines on small-diameter pipes, multi-stage pumps, water tanks or pressure control switches will block these materials. You can see more and more multi-stage pumps with small diameter pipes connected to the right of the building water supply pipe at the bottom of the pressure switch at the bottom of the water tank.
     But according to my experience, there are often enough debris to plug the pressure control switch installed in the same pipe debris, and then there is still a smaller opening at the bottom of the clogs pressure switch itself. It is this small opening that allows the press on the water, the pressure switch diaphragm at the bottom, therefore, can switch to the meaning of water pressure.
     How to check the bottom of the control switch blocking the multi-stage pump
If as long as we take a close, to check these things look at the bottom of the switch as well as out of the box. We connect the pipe from the bottom of the pressure switch through the screw thread, and find that the pipe inside is connected to the opening.
     It's good to know that you can clean the right of the multi-stage pump control switch and get it to work again.
     Please be careful to reach into the opening of the threaded connection, pressure switch water pump or water tank. It is easy to jam a paperclip with a small sensor hole and swing it. But if you puncture the switch diaphragm you must need a new switch. (You may need one anyway, if you see a lot thicker there.)
     It can eliminate the Phillips screw. You see all the pictures at the bottom of the pressure control switch of this multi-stage pump, exposing the diaphragm and clearing the entire mechanism.
     Since the new pressure switch is not very expensive, because we have to take a diagnosis to turn it off anyway, if the pressure switch of the pump is removed and checked, we think it is a blockage and often just replace it.
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