How Can We Help?

We like to view ourselves as a complete solution to your manufacturing needs. With the assistance of our partners overseas and Long Group team members traveling to our manufacturing facilities internationally there are not many manufacturers we have not met. This knowledge has allowed us to create a constantly expanding network to find our customers the perfect manufacturer to fit their needs. At The Long Group we can connect you with your finished product and provide the service we guarantee with our partners along the way. Prior to and during the manufacturing process we will perform visits to audit the facility you selected as your manufacturing base. Our team will ensure that each facility is held to the standards we expect of all the companies we choose to represent. We are working directly in many industries and markets beyond what you see here and have tremendous sourcing capabilities in many different areas including, but not limited to, tanks, vessels, fabrications, flanges, piping, forgings, flanges, sheet, plate, flooring, books, rubber, electric vehicles, tiles, fashion accessories, automotive components, and many, many others.